At eXtract we believe that by investing in South Africa's youth, we are ultimately investing in our country's future. For this reason, we focus our corporate social investment one ducational programmes, educating today's students for tomorrow.

Many South Africans don't have access to basic amenities and education, which makes it difficult to break the cycle of poverty. With this in mind, we sought a way to uplift individuals, their families and their communities by providing them with the necessary skills to participate meaningfully in securing their future success.

Our Eqstralution programme reflects our commitment to education for a better future, and supports 134 learners from disadvantaged families at 13 technical and agricultural schools and Further Education and Training Colleges across South Africa.

In 2015 we increased our support to R3.9 million from R3.4 million the previous year. The donor schools are selected on the basis of a common emphasis on nurturing young talent for a better future.

eXtract walks the distance with the leaner alongside the school to ensure success. Representatives from the respective eXtract divisions select the learners in tandem with the schools' rigorous selection process and then monitor their progress on a quarterly basis. Academic achievement is always a key indicator of progress, but participation in sport and cultural events is also encouraged to ensure the development of a well-balanced individual. Where there are gaps eXtract explores workable solutions with the learners.

Together with eXtract and its divisional businesses, numerous schools have been sponsored with monetary and equipment donations over the years, reaching tens of thousands of students, continuing our aim of impacting our society through education.

Skills development and training

The group aspires to create a work environment in which individuals can contribute to their full potential.Empowered employees are of utmost importance to our group's sustainability.

To achieve this, we believe in an open and consultative management style. This has been instilled in the culture of each eXtract division through a strong philosophy of employee engagement and individual development. The engagement process commences with an induction process for new middle and senior management, led by the CEO and senior managers, and this process continues with ongoing employee engagement programmes.

eXtract is aware of the need to facilitate the sustainability of the agricultural sector by partnering with business and government to meet synergistic objectives. Transforming society by developing competent, skilled individuals that are equipped to be economically active is a key focus of the company. eXtract strives to combine the provision of employment opportunities and food security in a responsible way.

The group invests significantly in the training and development of all employees. Recruiting skilled employees and providing them with training is essential to ensure employee growth, client satisfaction and business performance.During 2015, R29.7 million was invested in external and on-the-job training. 

Continued professional development (CPD) is also supported and employees are encouraged to attend conferences where applicable.

Skills development is undertaken at all levels of the organisation through various programmes.

Eqstra Technical Training Academy (ETTA)

ETTA provides essential technical skills to all levels of employees. All courses are accredited by the Manufacturing Sector Education Training Authority, MerSETA. Apprentice training is a long-term commitment, as it takes three years for an employee to qualify as an artisan in a specified trade. During 2015, ETTA provided 268 (2014: 221) employees with apprenticeship training, of which 78% are black South Africans.

Operator Development 

eXtract's divisions provide operator training to relevant employees. During the course of 2015, more than 830 employees underwent training in the use of various items of industrial, mining and construction equipment.