Our reputation is one of our most important assets and maintaining the trust and confidence of all those whom we engage through our business and its different divisions is of highest priority.

As a result, the group is committed to acting with the highest standards of ethical behaviour and effective governance, in the interests of all stakeholders.

Personal and organisational integrity are embedded in eXtract's culture and translate into values of accountability, teamwork, client satisfaction and responsibility.

All employees are custodians of the group's business ethics policy and are required to adhere to the policy. Employees sign an annual declaration that they understand and are fully committed to ethical behaviour.

Our ethics embrace fair competition, the avoidance of conflicts of interest, cultural diversity, the highest standards of health and safety and the protection of company resources. Our ethics policy is fully integrated into our governance structures, requiring reporting and monitoring at an operational level through the social and ethics committee and the board.

Our divisions are required to adopt principles and processes to deal with specific ethical issues that arise in their particular circumstances, which are reviewed annually.